Business Units

MODULAX has two main business units: Modulax Indústria e Comércio and Modulax Siderurgia.

Both companies are part of the Grupo Modulax and provide two segments in the mining and steel market: the preparation, development, and implementation of projects; and the supply of pig iron production.

Modulax Industry and Commerce

MODULAX INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO specializes in the development of projects, manufacturing, assembly, construction, and operation of industrial plants in the areas of steelwork and mining, and has its own technology that is applied, from mining to liquid iron.


Modulax Steelworks

Modulax Siderurgia started its activities in 2007, through the pig iron production plant located in Curvelo, Minas Gerais

It is currently responsible for large-scale production of pig iron, meeting the strictest international quality standards.