From experiences with operations in the mining segment, MODULAX offers projects in crushing plants, developing specific equipment to meet different levels of difficulty for reducing material.


MODULAX develops complete packages for Magnetic Separation plants, either dry or wet.

With exclusive know-how in the recovery of iron ore fines, we have designed plants of various capacities, wet or dry, designed to achieve low CAPEX and efficient OPEX, associated with the idea of easy maintenance and operation.

• Duferco/CVG Ferrominera Orinoco (Venezuela)
• Mineração Usiminas (Brasil)
• Ferrous Resourses (Brasil)


MODULAX designs steel plants with the possibility of using coke or charcoal as reducing agents, leading the national market in industries of the latter type.

In order to offer the best competitive advantages for the steel chain, MODULAX has associated with world-renowned partners and is currently the only company in the world to have efficient technology for the use of glendons as heat exchangers in high powered coke furnaces.
The plants developed by MODULAX have high productivity per useful volume, in addition to easy maintenance.

• Andean Iron (Colombia)
• Modulax Siderurgia
• CSC - Companhia Siderurgica do Cuchi (Angola)


MODULAX also develops continuous or semi-continuous sintering plants for various production scales, always ensuring reuse of co-products generated in the blast furnace process, ensuring a lower loss of raw material and, consequently, greater use of the operation.

Planned with low CAPEX and OPEX, the plants developed by MODULAX ensure the best use of the operation.


Working with creativity to achieve solutions that are appropriate to the reality and needs of its customers, MODULAX enables the delivery of pig iron in liquid state with efficiency and safety.

The operation is made possible by a fleet of trucks specially designed and adapted for the transportation that provides increased productivity for the customer.